Hamilton Florin


Art director of limited edition Libraryman t-shirt and sweatshirt, 2014. Pattern and printing made by textile artists Hamilton Florin in Stockholm, Sweden.

Inspired by the 1989 Swedish-Norwegian animated fantasy adventure film Resan till Melonia (The Journey to Melonia) loosely based on William Shakespeare’s The Tempest.

The beautiful paradise island Melonia is inhabited by the sorcerer Prospero with his daughter Miranda, the albatross Ariel, the good-natured vegetable-faced gardener Caliban and William the dog-nosed poet. They live a generally peaceful life, except for Caliban who has to work hard with the garden. A few miles away lies the dark island Plutonia, where the greedy capitalists Slug and Slagg rule. Once as green and flourishing as Melonia, Plutonia is now perceived as hell on earth, where children are forced to, under slave conditions, build weapons and tools of war, which Slug and Slagg believe is the way of the future. With Plutonia‘s resources nearly exhausted, Slug and Slagg turn their gaze on the unexploited Melonia, scheming to take it over with a gigantic drill.

Produced by Libraryman, 2014.

  • Hamilton Florin — Melonia — Shirts
  • Hamilton Florin — Melonia — Shirts